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Five years ago on a lonely Friday night – out of personal and financial desperation to change our lives, we decided to start live streaming together. For better or worse, what we thought was an inconsequential decision turned out to be one of the most influential moments of our early adulthood. A decision that pulled us together and at times – pushed us apart, you can read about our journey up to present day in our bio here. We’ve distilled the five years of self-discovery into a discreet interface to deliver you these moments. Shot by people who started out as neighbors, we believe our content is some of the most genuine pornography available, with guests you can’t find anywhere else – because they don’t do pornNo overacting, no fake scripts, just a real husband and wife, with real jobs, producing their own content, all while telling you exactly what they think. We built our own site, run it ourselves, respond to every single e-mail we get, and always give 100%. We sincerely thank you for supporting that. If you listen closely, you might even lean how to do it yourselves.

Our store is a little different than most. When you buy toys from us, you’re not only getting props and toys used directly in our shows, you’re upgrading our equipment. The sum of each toy purchased goes directly toward replacing it with a higher-quality toy.

Questions? We got answers….. Usually.