Question: How can I purchase videos?

Answer: The only way to purchase videos is to be an active fanclub member (click HERE). Once you’re an active fanclub member, get the access information from HERE. Already a member and confused how to actually buy the video? It’s pretty easy, we have a step by step guide available HERE.

Question: How are your shows delivered?

Answer: Our shows are delivered via a dropbox link. Click the link provided in the e-mail, then click “download” in the upper right of the screen. If you want to stream the full video, you must have a dropbox account. Without it, dropbox will restrict streaming to under an hour.

Question: When will my show be delivered!?

Answer: We check e-mail at 5:30 pm Pacific time and respond to e-mails ASAP. Please allow up to 24 hours for video purchases to be delivered. Shows are uploaded 48 hours after they are performed. So if its Sunday afternoon and you want to buy Sunday mornings show, don’t expect it immediately. We need to edit and upload it.

Question: What format are your videos sold in?

Answer: Our shows are sold in .MP4, .MOV and .FLV. formats. .MP4, .MOV will play on standard Windows and Mac media players. .FLV files can be played in VLC Media Player, if you dont have it – its one of the best free media players available. You can download VLC Media Player HERE.

Question: How do you use that greenscreen!?

Answer: I’m not an expert. Just google YouTube videos about using a chromakey, there are some really good guides out there!

Question: How do you find people to do shows with?

Answer: We have a lot of friends that participate in the local kink community. We also use social media. We host quarterly outreach events. We used to ask people we met in select social situations. 

Question: Got anything Free?

Answer: Sure, check out www.camming.co/free-stuff

Question: Can I/We be in your show?

Answer: Maybe, just e-mail us and we can talk about it.

Questions? Email us at Jackplusjillcb@gmail.com and we will post them here.